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Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools

Steph L. Bernell, PhD

ISBN: 9781567937558
Softbound, 250pp, 2016
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Gateway to Healthcare Management
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: PowerPoint slides, sample exercises, and course lesson plans.

The healthcare landscape is shifting rapidly. A solid grounding in economics enables healthcare managers to make informed and thoughtful decisions in the face of changing market and regulatory demands.

Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools takes a unique, streamlined approach to explaining the building blocks of health economics. Rather than interweaving technical information with introductory content, each chapter is divided into two main sections: Core Concepts and Technical Material. This treatment allows students to gain an intuitive understanding of each chapter topic before delving into advanced graphs, equations, and other technical details.

Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools focuses on nine topics that are essential to understanding health economics and its connection to health policy:

  • The purpose of health economics
  • The relationship between health and wealth
  • The production of health
  • The production of health-related goods and services
  • The demand for healthcare
  • Perfect competition and other market structures
  • Physician behavior
  • The insurance market
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

The Core Concepts section in each chapter provides learning objectives and a straightforward but comprehensive overview of the chapter topic. The Technical Material section allows for deeper examination of the chapter topic through discussion of relevant literature as well as graphical examples and mathematical techniques.

Like the other titles in Health Administration Press’s Gateway to Healthcare Management series, this book is written at an introductory level and suitable for use by undergraduates and other students new to healthcare management. Examples and anecdotes bring concepts to life, learning aids reinforce key concepts, review questions boost comprehension, and a running glossary introduces essential terminology.