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Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution, Second Edition

Stephen L. Walston, PhD

ISBN: 9781567939606
Hardbound, 486pp, 2018
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: Test bank, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, answers to the chapter questions, and suggestions for presenting and discussing the cases.

A healthcare organization’s mission should direct its strategies. Successful leaders make good decisions that advance their organization’s ability to achieve its mission—and thereby gain a strategic mission advantage—even in the face of uncertainty.

This book explores in depth the development and implementation of strategy to achieve mission advantage. It provides both the theoretical concepts and the practical tools leaders need to make better strategic decisions. Its cases and examples show how strategic principles can be applied to the intricacies of the contemporary healthcare system, always tying back to the key stakeholders, values, mission, and vision that underpin healthcare organizations and their purpose.

A notable feature of this edition is its emphasis on learning through topical and timely case studies that depict strategic challenges healthcare leaders commonly face. These challenges range from issues of capitation, the formation of accountable care relationships, and competitive positioning to the dissolution of alliances and vertical integration, among others.

Along with the necessary concepts and practical means for understanding, implementing, and monitoring strategies, this book also provides financial tools for directing strategic decisions and methods for analyzing healthcare markets. Noteworthy topics include the following and more:

  • The shift to value-based care and reimbursement models
  • The continued evolution of healthcare reform and its effect on healthcare market structure 
  • Hospital and healthcare business models and how they are changing
  • Disruptive innovation in healthcare
  • The impact of increasing consolidation of the insurance and provider sectors
  • The advantages and challenges of alliances and partnerships, both domestic and international
  • Healthcare stakeholders and their engagement
  • Accountability in healthcare strategic plan execution
Given the rapid and seemingly constant change in healthcare, skillful strategic planning and its implementation are more essential than ever to achieving organizational success. This book gives readers the background they need to make decisions that promote their organization’s success and mission.