Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Fourth Edition

Patrice L. Spath Kenneth DeVane, MBA, MS

ISBN: 978-1-64055-363-7
Softbound, 416pp, 2023
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: Test bank, PowerPoint slides, answers to the in-book questions, a case study and a PDF of the American College of Healthcare Executives/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute guide titled Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success.

Healthcare quality can be a daunting subject, with its maze of regulatory requirements and plethora of approaches. Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management makes the topic approachable. It explains the fundamental principles and techniques of quality management in sufficient depth for readers to begin applying them, at an introductory level that does not overwhelm them.

This updated fourth edition includes a new chapter that addresses the problem of stalled or failed improvement projects. Many case examples are included in the chapter to illustrate common causes of project failures together with guidance for achieving success. It also discusses how measurement systems can reinforce and sustain performance improvement.

This new edition also features: 
  • New content about the application of popular lean tools and techniques
  • Expanded coverage of statistical process control, including control charts
  • Discussion of DNV accreditation requirements
  • More details on the evolution of healthcare quality management
The sidebars, definitions, and references sprinkled throughout the chapters have been updated and expanded. Concise summaries and relatable examples from clinical, operational, and administrative settings have also been included.

This updated edition of Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management is an invaluable resource that helps readers understand and apply the many complex elements of quality management in healthcare.