Ready, Set...Market!

Ready, Set … Market!

So, you've written a manuscript, and you're ready to sit back and relax as the marketing staff promotes and markets your book for you. Not so fast! At Health Administration Press, you, the author, are an integral part of the book's marketing and sales efforts. We want to sell as many copies of your book as you do, and your suggestions and familiarity with the subject matter play a big part in determining your book's marketing plan.

In many cases, there is no better marketing vehicle than the author! Your contacts, your mailing lists, and your speaking engagements are all wonderful opportunities to mine your book's strongest audience—the people who already know the quality of your work. We will be pleased to provide support (e.g., promotional flyers) for your speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, or mailings you may already have scheduled.

The Marketing Questionnaire and Promotion Plan
When publication of a book is underway, our marketing staff provides the author with a preliminary promotion strategy. The strategy may include direct mail, website promotion, e-mails, press releases, co-marketing opportunities, and other special sales opportunities.

In order to provide your book with the best possible promotion plan it is essential that you turn in the marketing questionnaire. If you did not receive a copy of the marketing questionnaire, please contact your acquisitions editor. The information you provide through the questionnaire will be invaluable to the marketing staff as we determine the best possible marketing strategy for your book. We value your expertise in your field, and we welcome your thoughts on the book's unique selling points, your contacts in the industry, and your suggestions.

The following are some marketing tactics that typically appear in the promotion plan:

  • HAP produces two comprehensive catalogs and two coursebook catalogs per year. HAP mails these comprehensive catalogs to ACHE affiliates (these discerning book purchasers are uniquely available to HAP authors, as ACHE does not provide its affiliates’ addresses to other publishers or companies), past purchasers, other healthcare association members, and names acquired through purchased lists. HAP mails these coursebook catalogs to ACHE faculty associates, HAP textbook past purchasers and reviewers, AUPHA members, names acquired through purchased lists, and a list of professors generated by our sales firm.
  • HAP conducts many promotional mailings to targeted audiences each year. The audiences range from 2,000 to 20,000 individuals. New releases are promoted in at least one mailing within the first six months of the publication date. The mailed flyers or brochures are also enclosed in book order shipments and distributed at various events where ACHE representatives are present.
  • HAP typically promotes new releases in a half-page ad in Healthcare Executive, ACHE’s semimonthly magazine, which has a subscriber base of more than 30,000.
  • HAP markets publications on the HAP portion of the ACHE website. The website features online ordering, allowing customers to order directly from HAP.
  • New books are often featured in the HAP Offers e-mail that is sent to customers who wish to receive updates on our new titles. Subscribers to this e-mail can purchase books at a discount.
  • New textbooks are featured in the HAP Instructor Update that is sent to a targeted list of professors.
  • New books are featured in the ACHe-news update that is sent to ACHE affiliates.
  • HAP distributes a press release for most new titles to our list of media contacts. Review copies are also sent to select major healthcare journals and magazines.
  • HAP exhibits at select national healthcare meetings each year, including the ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership and the AUPHA Annual Meeting. If you are an ACHE speaker, your publication is sold at your ACHE education seminars and clusters. Additionally, HAP books are displayed at conferences around the country.
  • HAP produces a flyer for each new book and provides copies of the flyer to the author for distribution to colleagues and clients.
  • When appropriate, a flyer for your book will be inserted in one of the monthly packets of material that is mailed to ACHE officers. The book is promoted with other ACHE products, including webinars, the back cover or pages of related HAP books, and the ACHE Quick Reference Guide.
  • Most new books are featured for one month as the “Book of the Month” on HAP’s website during the first year of publication.
  • Most new books are featured throughout a chosen month on ACHE’s on-hold message, that plays when a customer is placed on hold.
  • A promotional blurb is often included in a flyer that mails to CEO Circle members—a special CEO-only segment of ACHE membership.
  • If the author has a speaking engagement, HAP works with the sponsoring organization to obtain exposure for the book or to coordinate on-site sales.
  • HAP works with a firm that specializes in academic book sales. Our dedicated sales representatives pitch our books to professors who teach a wide variety of courses in health administration, public health, and business programs. They also follow up on exam copy requests in an effort to close adoptions as well as gather specific book, market, and competitive information.
  • Additional distribution opportunities through collaboration with other associations and organizations may be explored.
  • HAP books are frequently mentioned in ACHE materials, including seminar brochures and programs, promotional mailings, and association newsletters.

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Before Your Book Publishes
Early on in your book's development, the marketing team participates in several major decisions about the development and production of your book.

1. Timing. Upon the arrival of your proposal at HAP, the marketing team will help determine the time line of your book's production. There are particular times of the year that are important for both textbooks and management books in terms of capturing sales from a certain audience.

2. Book Cover Design. The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" does not fully apply to the publishing industry! Although the book's cover is not the determining factor in a person's decision to purchase a book, it does play a major role in setting the tone. We work closely with the cover designer to create a unique and visually appealing cover that best captures the tone and content of your book. The team considers factors such as the primary audience, key words in the title, color scheme, competing books, market standards, and general professional design issues.

3. Back Cover and Catalog Copy. The marketing team creates the back cover copy for your book, but as the author your feedback is important! When we write back cover copy, we consider the target market(s) for your book, the competition, and your responses to the marketing questionnaire. The back cover copy is also reviewed by the acquisitions and editorial teams before we forward it to you for your approval.

4. Promotion. Before your new title is released, the marketing staff develops a strategic marketing plan based on your book's subject matter and intended audience. This plan serves as the framework for the marketing campaign by reviewing the environment, including opportunities, advantages, and target audiences; and making recommendations for promotion vehicles such as direct mail, press releases, exhibits, e-marketing, and more. Detailed answers to the questions on the marketing questionnaire are very helpful when we compose the marketing plan for your book.

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After Your Book Publishes
The marketing effort continues throughout the life of your book, and the marketing staff welcomes feedback and suggestions. Please refer to the sample promotion plan above for an idea of what the HAP marketing team does to promote your book after it publishes.

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