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Hospital Studies

This includes research ACHE has conducted about hospitals, including results from the annual Top Issues Confronting Hospitals survey.

Top Issues Confronting Hospitals
As the healthcare field continues to change, so do the top issues confronting hospitals. ACHE's survey reveals the issues of greatest concern for hospital CEOs.

Implications of Health Reform for Healthcare Executive Positions: A National Study of Senior Leadership Teams in Freestanding Hospitals: 2014 (PDF)
This research looks at the composition of senior leadership teams in freestanding community hospitals and how they are changing over time.

The Interpersonal Skills of Recent Entrants to the Field of Healthcare Management: Final Report: 2011 (PDF)
This research was designed to reveal the perceptions that senior managers within corporate headquarters, hospital systems and freestanding hospitals have about the interpersonal skills of recent entrants to the field of healthcare management. The report also suggests best practices for organizational training to enhance the interpersonal skills of those entering the healthcare management field.

An Exploration of the Purpose, Value, and Impact of Professional Development Activities in U.S. Hospitals: 2009 (PDF)
This research was designed to understand hospital CEO perceptions regarding the value and impact of professional development for themselves and their direct reports.

Executive Leadership Development in U.S. Health Systems: Exploring the Evidence: 2008 (PDF)
The objective of this research was to study the establishment, organization, content, process, evaluation, and evolution of executive leadership development (ELD) programs in U.S. healthcare systems.

The Acculturation of Non-Traditionally Educated Healthcare Managers Into Hospitals: 2008 (PDF)
In an effort to better understand the way that non-traditionally educated healthcare managers learn about both the healthcare environment and principles of healthcare management, affiliates of ACHE who had neither a traditional healthcare management education nor a clinical background were studied. On-the-job learning is the primary mechanism of learning reported by respondents lacking formal healthcare management education.

Rekindling the Flame: Achieving Success Through Community Leadership, 2001
ACHE and the American Hospital Association collaborated on this project with the purpose of demonstrating how hospitals can further their goals by developing close relationships with community partners. Available resources include a discussion video, how-to guide, and free book of case studies.

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