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Interview with Phillip A. Newbold, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 48:1
New Ways of Thinking About Career Success Mike Broscio and Jay Scherer  JHM 48:1
Strategic Positioning: Where Does Your Organization Stand? Howard J. Gershon  JHM 48:1
The Long-Term Costs of Career Interruptions Patricia G. Ketsche and Lisette Bransomb  JHM 48:1
The Role of Senior Management in Quality Improvement Efforts: What Are the Key Components? Elizabeth H. Bradley, Eric S. Holmoe, Jennifer A. Mattera, Sarah A. Roumanis, Martha J. Radford, and Harlan M. Krumholz  JHM 48:1
Understanding Organizational Designs of Primary Care Practices Alfred R. Tallia, Kurt C. Stange, Reuben R. McDaniel, Jr., Virginia A. Aita, William L. Miller, and Benjamin F.Crabtree  JHM 48:1