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Emergency Department Overcrowding: The Impact of Resource Scarcity on Physician Job Satisfaction Kent V. Rondeau, Ph.D., and Louis H. Francescutti, M.D., Ph.D.  JHM 50:5
Interview with Dianne Mandernach, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier, PhD  JHM 50:5
Managing Primary Care Using Patient Satisfaction Measures Koichiro Otani, Ph.D.; Richard S. Kurz, Ph.D.; and Lisa E. Harris, M.D.  JHM 50:5
Opportunities for Administrators to Promote Disease Management Bita A. Kash, M.B.A., FACHE, Ph.D.; Larry D. Gamm, Ph.D.; Jan Nelson Bolin Ph.D. ,JD, RN; and B. Mitchell Peck, Ph.D.  JHM 50:5
Persuasion: What to Say, How To Be Paul Preston, Ph.D.  JHM 50:5
Philanthropy: The Last Frontier for Capital Funding William O. Cleverley, Ph.D., and James O. Cleverley  JHM 50:5