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A Practicing Surgeon Dissects Issues in Physician-Hospital Relations Kenneth H. Cohn  JHM 54:1
Abstract from the Academy of Management   JHM 54:1
An Attempt to Forecast Hospital Market Share Using Admission Data Bita A. Kash, Robert L. Oshfeldt and Larry D. Gamm  JHM 54:1
Board Oversight of Quality: Any Differences in Process of Care and Mortality? H. Joanna Jiang, Carlin Lockee, Karma Bass  JHM 54:1
Finding the Frontier of Hospital Management John R. Griffith  JHM 54:1
Interview with Andrea Price, FACHE Kyle L. Grazier  JHM 54:1
New Sources of Revenue in the Age of Connectivity A. Michael LaPenna  JHM 54:1
Use of Board Certification in Ambulatory Surgery Center Credentialing: A Pilot Study Kelly M. Dunham, Dianne Singer, and Gary L. Freed  JHM 54:1