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A Randomized Trial of Telemonitoring Heart Failure Patients Christopher Tompkins and John Orwat  JHM 55:5
Cost-Containment and Cost-Management Strategies Alan J. Goldberg and William Fleming  JHM 55:5
Emerging Technologies in Healthcare: Navigating Risks, Evaluating Rewards Elizabeth McGrady, Sue Conger, Sandra Blanke, and Brett J.L. Landry  JHM 55:5
From the Perspective of CEOs: What Motivates Hospitals to Embrace Cultural Competence? Amy Wilson-Stronks and Sunita Mutha  JHM 55:5
Hospital-Affiliated and Hospital-Owned Retail Clinics: Strategic Opportunities and Operational Challenges Amer Kaissi  JHM 55:5
Interview with Rear Admiral Eleanor Valentin, FACHE, Commander, U.S. Navy Medicine Support Command, and Director, Navy Medical Service Corps Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 55:5