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Developing a Transfer Center in a Tertiary Cancer Center: Streamlining Access and Communication to Accommodate Increasing Demand for Service Frank Tortorella, Michael S. Ewer, Pamela B. Douglas-Ntagha, Ronald Walters, and Wenonah B. Ecung
Practitioner Application: Jeff Heffelfinger 
JHM 56:3
Exploring the Business Case for Ambulatory Electronic Health Record System Adoption Paula H. Song, Ann Scheck McAlearney, Julie Robbins, and Jeffrey S. McCullough
Practitioner Application: Brian T. Smith 
JHM 56:3
Interview with Patrick A. Charmel, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer of Griffin Hospital Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 56:3
Physician and Practice Characteristics Associated with Longitudinal Increases in Electronic Health Records Adoption Nir Menachemi, Thomas L. Powers, and Robert G. Brooks
Practitioner Application: Vance M. Chunn 
JHM 56:3
Three "Brutal Facts" That Provide Strategic Direction for Healthcare Delivery Systems: Preparing for the End of the Healthcare Bubble Nathan S. Kaufman  JHM 56:3
What Every CEO Should Know About Medicare's Recovery Audit Contractor Program Alan J. Goldberg and Linda M. Young  JHM 56:3