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Be Compliance-Ready: What to Consider When Acquiring a Physician Practice Aleta Jordan  JHM 57:1
Coevolution of Patients and Hospitals: How Changing Epidemiology and Technological Advances Create Challenges and Drive Organizational Innovation Federico Lega and Stefane Calciolari  JHM 57:1
Distinguishing Community Benefits: Tax Exemption Versus Organizational Legitimacy James D. Byrd and Amy Landry  JHM 57:1
Effective US Health System Websites: Establishing Benchmarks and Standards for Effective Consumer Engagement Eric W. Ford, Timothy R. Huerta, Richard A. M. Schilhavy, and Nir Menachemi  JHM 57:1
Interview with Scott E. Armstrong, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Group Health Cooperative Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 57:1
Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom: A Fitting Choice Susan Hassmiller and John Combes  JHM 57:1
Setting the Stage for a Business Case for Leadership Diversity in Healthcare: History, Research, and Leverage Ebbin Dotson and Amani Nuru-Jeter  JHM 57:1