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Enviromental Market Factors Associated with Physician Career Satisfaction Olen Mazurenko and Nir Menachemi  JHM 57:5
Hospital Financial Management: What is the Link Between Revenue Cycle Management, Profiability, and Not-For-Profit Hospitals' Ability to Grow Equity? Simone Rauscher Singh and John Wheeler  JHM 57:5
Interview with Donald P. Fesko, OD, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer of Community Hospital Stephen J. O'Connor  JHM 57:5
Managing to Customer Specifications Gary S. Kaplan  JHM 57:5
Predictors of Hospital CEO Affiliation with a Professional Association Amir A. Khaliq and Stephen L. Walston  JHM 57:5
The Impact of HCA's 2006 Leveraged Buyout on Hospital Performance Michael J. McCue and Jon M. Thompson  JHM 57:5
Using Technology to Enhance Patient-Centered Care Barbara Cliff  JHM 57:5