The first step is to contact the ACHE On-Location Program Specialist, who is responsible for assisting you with seminar and date selection. It is recommended that the sponsoring organization contact ACHE at least four to six months prior to the anticipated event date. Coordinating seminar dates and faculty availability can take two to three weeks.

ACHE is responsible for securing seminar faculty for the On-Location Program. ACHE will attempt to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization and will work to avoid direct conflicts with existing ACHE scheduled offerings. For educational programs greater than three hours in length, program enrollment is contractually limited to 40 participants. This maximum is in place to ensure that the design elements of the program, which allow for optimal interaction between the participants and the faculty, are upheld. Please see the policy page for more details.

Once a seminar has been selected and a date confirmed, the ACHE On-Location Program Specialist will draft a letter of agreement specifically outlining the responsibilities of the sponsoring organization and ACHE.


While the sponsoring organization is responsible for the marketing of the On-Location Program, ACHE reserves the right to review and approve the promotional material.

The sponsor is encouraged to market public On-Location Programs at least 90 days prior to the scheduled event.

It is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility to leave enough time in the planning process for ACHE to review and approve the marketing material(s) prior to announcing the program or preparing a promotional mailing or email.

ACHE will provide a link to the ACHE website where program descriptions and faculty bios can be found and used in marketing material.

Marketing of an On-Location Program is limited to the state of the offering and other states contiguous to the On-Location offering. The On-Location Program may not be promoted as a “national” event. If the program is either six or 12 hours in length, it may not be offered within a 500 mile radius of another ACHE national education offering and may not be scheduled/held within 30 days of another ACHE national education offering.

More Information

For more information about ACHE's On-Location Programs, please contact ACHE's Division of Professional Development at 312-424-9362.