The first step is to contact the ACHE On-Location Program Coordinator who is responsible for assisting you regarding seminar and date selection. It is recommended that the sponsor contact ACHE at least four to six months prior to the anticipated event date. Coordinating seminar dates and faculty availability can take two to three weeks.

ACHE is responsible for securing seminar faculty for the On-Location Program. ACHE will attempt to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization. Please know that no On-Location Program may be scheduled within 60 days of an ACHE seminar offered within the sponsor’s geographical area. Our experience has shown us that when healthcare leaders have a choice of two similar products, offered in the same region in approximately the same timeframe, neither program is successful. ACHE will work with you to avoid direct conflicts with existing scheduled offerings.

Once a seminar has been selected and a date confirmed, the ACHE On-Location coordinator will draft a Letter of Agreement, specifically outlining responsibilities of the sponsoring organization and ACHE.

Following is a summary of the action items referenced in the Letter of Agreement:

ACHE will:

  • Identify a program for the sponsor’s needs

  • Secure and confirm faculty

  • Provide seminar manuals, badges, rosters, evaluation forms and certificates

  • Pay faculty honoraria

  • Summarize program evaluations and provide summary data to sponsor

  • Invoice sponsor for ACHE On-Location Program fee

The Sponsor will:

  • Secure program location

  • Market the seminar

  • Register attendees and collect fees as appropriate

  • Adhere to ACHE’s enrollment policy to limit enrollment to 40 participants for seminars more than 3 hours in length

  • Provide ACHE with a complete list of registrants at least 10 days prior to the scheduled event

  • Confirm directly with faculty, program site and hotel accommodations as necessary

  • When applicable, mail seminar materials to participants for those seminars that require advance reading

  • Distribute certificates to the program participants either on site or after the program

  • Coordinate on-site administration of the program 

  • Reimburse costs for faculty travel, meals and lodging expenses

  • Reimburse ACHE for the On-Location Program fee within 30 days of invoice receipt

  • Return sign-in sheets and evaluation forms no more than 10 days after the seminar concludes

More Information

For more information about ACHE's On-Location programs, please contact ACHE’s Division of Professional Development at (312) 424-9362.