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Encourage Colleagues to Earn Fellow Status (FACHE)

  • Familiarize yourself with the process of earning the FACHE credential and the project options so that you can pass along the most up-to-date information to your colleague. The best place to brush up on the information is online at
  • Send an application to the potential new member’s work or home. You can download an application or contact the Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400 or at to request that an application be sent directly to the individual. Don’t forget to mention to your colleagues to list you as the person who encouraged them to apply in order to receive credit through the Leader-to-Leader Program when they are officially approved for Fellow status.
  • Encourage them to apply for Fellow status conveniently online by including the online application link in your email or letter.
  • Send a link to the Credentialing area of for details on earning Fellow status. Mention that this area includes information on the process of attaining the credential, details on the project options and other useful information.
  • If you have earned your FACHE credential, share your experiences on why you decided to earn the distinction of board certification in healthcare management. This personal encouragement may be all the incentive a colleague needs to pursue this status.
  • Don’t forget to follow up! Like all of us, your colleague may get busy and simply forget to start the process to earn his or her FACHE credential. Set a reminder on your calendar to follow up on this prestigious goal.