Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program FAQs


Q: How do I enroll in the program?
A: All ACHE Members, Fellows and Faculty Associates are automatically enrolled in the Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program.

Q: Do I need to track my points?
A: No, ACHE tracks your points for you. You will receive an email when you earn more points, or you can view your points in the My ACHE area of ache.org.

Q: Who may participate in the Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program?
A: All ACHE Members, Fellows and Faculty Associates are eligible to participate in the program. At this time, Student Associates and International Associates are not eligible.

Q: Who can I recruit to earn points?
A: You can recruit new Members to earn points. You can also earn points for encouraging existing Members to become a Fellow pending their approval. You will not receive points for recruiting Student Associates, International Associates and Faculty Associates through the Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program at this time.

Q: How do I get credit for recruiting a new Member?
A: The new Member must either include your name on the front of their Member application or include your name in the online application question "Did someone encourage you to join ACHE?"

Q: How do I get credit for encouraging someone to become a Fellow?
A: Encourage the individual applying for Fellow status to write your name in the appropriate section on the front of their application. Providing a reference for that person as part of the Fellow application process does not count for the Leader-to-Leader Rewards program. Note: You will receive the point after the individual meets all the requirements for Fellow status.

Q: When are my points updated?
A: Your points are updated when the new Member application process is complete (up to four weeks after submission), when the existing Member officially becomes a Fellow by completing all Fellow requirements.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about the program?
A: Please contact ACHE’s Customer Service Center by phone at (312) 424-9400 or by email at contact@ache.org.

Q: Do my points expire?
A: Yes, your points expire December 31 of the year following when respective points were earned.

Q: How soon after I have redeemed my points will I receive my reward?
A: Please allow eight weeks for processing and delivery. If you believe there was an error with your order or are questioning a time delay with your order, email contact@ache.org.

Q: What are the program's rules for participation and point redemption?
A: In order for members to receive credit for sponsoring new Members and Fellows through Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program, the program rules are applied:

  1. The Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program was created solely for members of the American College of Healthcare Executives. ACHE reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.
  2. Points and ACHE gift certificates have no cash value, cannot be used toward dues and logo merchandise and are nontransferable, unless otherwise specified.
  3. ACHE gift certificates must be redeemed by their expiration date and used in their entirety at the time of redemption; therefore, credit for future use will not be given.
  4. You may redeem your points anytime before they expire. Please note that your balance may not exceed 50 points at any one time.
  5. The Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program is available to Members, Fellows and Faculty Associates only. ACHE employees are not eligible to participate in this program.