Special Discounts for Early Careerists


As an Early Careerist , you are entitled to receive one coupon per year for a discount off one of the eligible ACHE education or career development programs. Complete the form below to choose your coupon. You will receive your coupon by email shortly after you make your choice.

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ECN Coupon—Education

Up to $100 Toward One Virtual Face-to-Face Course
Apply this coupon for $100 off any 6-hour or 9-hour 2021 ACHE Virtual Face-to-Face Course. Each program spans several weeks and includes multiple live virtual education sessions. Each program also qualifies for ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit. This coupon is also valid for $50 off any 3-hour 2021 ACHE Virtual Face-to-Face Course.

$200 Toward One Virtual Board of Governors Exam Review Course
Apply this coupon for $200 off the Virtual Board of Governors Exam Review Course. This new program will qualify for up to 12 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit.

$100 Toward Board of Governors Exam Online Tutorial Session
Apply this coupon to one 2021 Online Tutorial to prepare for the Board of Governors Exam. The 12-week tutorial uses an online self-study format to help refine your knowledge and improve your study skills. This program provides a detailed look at the different topics covered on the Exam and resources to focus your preparation.

$100 Toward One Online Seminar
Apply this coupon to any 2021 ACHE online seminar. Take advantage of the opportunity to earn ACHE Qualified Education credits without the cost or time needed to travel.

Up to $50 Toward One Webinar
Apply this coupon to any 2021 ACHE webinar, our economical learning option where you can earn Qualified Education continuing education credits without leaving your home or office.

ECN Coupon—Career Development Resources

$50 Toward the Interview Prep Tool Enhanced
Apply this coupon to ACHE's Interview Prep Tool—Enhanced Version. This tool will allow you to record yourself taking a practice interview. From there, you can use ACHE's customized self-assessment to critique your performance. With the enhanced version, you will also receive a personalized critique from the ACHE Career Resource Center team.

$50 Toward the Online Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Apply this coupon to ACHE's online Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Career experts agree that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of career success than IQ. Measure your emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ, with this assessment and use the results to build stronger relationships, enhance self-awareness and achieve greater work/life balance. Interpretive comments and a resource book are included.

Request Your 2021 Coupon Now

Selecting a coupon does not indicate registration for the program or assessment. Not all coupons are available for online redemption. Coupons expire December 31 of the year they are issued and are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Coupons must be used at time of registration or within 30 days of prior registration (must be within the same calendar year of program start date). Coupons are applicable for to current ACHE Members and Fellows only.