Assessment List

The Benchmarks® Workshop
Benchmarks is a developmental, 360° assessment that provides feedback on 16 key executive competencies and your leadership potential based on assessments completed by your colleagues, direct reports and supervisor.

Career Anchors© Assessment
The Career Anchors Assessment will help you identify your career anchor—a combination of your most important motives, values and perceived areas of competence—so you will be able to match your career goals and objectives with your fundamental values.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment
The Emotional Intelligence Assessment measures your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ). The results can be used to build stronger relationships, enhance self-awareness and achieve greater work/life balance.

Leadership Assessment
This comprehensive assessment combines the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the psychological instrument FIRO-B® to identify your leadership and personality style and then examine that style from crucial viewpoints.

Conflict Dynamics Profile®
This powerful assessment instrument helps managers and employees deal with conflict behaviors in the workplace. Improve awareness about what triggers conflict within you—and learn how you respond to conflict behaviorally.