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Inside the Physician Mind: Finding Common Ground with Doctors

Joseph S. Bujak, MD

ISBN: 9781567932980
Softbound, 144pp, 2008
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Book Description

Dr. Joseph Bujak provides an insider’s perspective on the beliefs and behaviors of physicians. His insight will prompt you to question your assumptions and break through the barriers that may be keeping you from forming productive relationships with the physicians in your organization. He also provides suggestions for using your new understanding to influence physician behavior and promote enduring partnerships.

With candor and wit, Dr. Bujak shares the wisdom he has developed through his years of experience as both a physician and an administrator:

  • A physician’s sense of time is very different from that of an administrator
  • Being chief of staff is the equivalent of drawing the short straw
  • A physician’s definition of teamwork is like the game of golf
  • Traditional medical staff organization is not the vehicle for developing relationships with physicians
  • A good role model for influencing physician behavior is the old TV character Columbo
  • You should approach change using the metaphor of moving a Slinky
  • Generation-X physicians differ greatly from traditionalist, or baby boomer, physicians; propositions acceptable to Generation-X physicians will be rejected by the others, and vice versa

What Readers Are Saying

"This must-read book provides practical information that will help you engage and align with physicians."

—Douglas D. Hawthorne, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Health Resources

“The breadth of Joe Bujak’s intellectual pursuit, coupled with the depth of his personal experience as a physician, lends instant credibility and resonance to what he has to say about physician behavior. His insights are not only intellectually stimulating, they are applicable on a daily basis to my interaction with physicians and healthcare organizations.”

—Scott Robins, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health System

“This book needed to be written and must be read. Dr. Bujak shares his vast knowledge and years of experience about a key challenge facing healthcare executives and boards. If you truly want to understand physicians and work with them more effectively, heed Dr. Bujak's Dx and follow his Rx.”

—Dennis D. Pointer, PhD, Virginia Mason - Austin Ross Professor, Department of Health Administration, University of Washington