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Beyond the Gift Shop: Boost Revenue, Your Brand, and Patient

Mindy Thompson-Banko

ISBN: 9781567933048
Softbound, 132pp, 2009
Order Code: 2119

Book Description

Cancer patients need non-metallic deodorant. Surgery patients need incision wraps. Elderly patients need nonslip bath mats. Who better than healthcare providers to offer retail products for recovery and comfort?

Beyond the Gift Shop will inspire you to reconsider how healthcare and retail traditionally have worked together. Author Mindy Thompson-Banko has advised healthcare leaders on over 100 major retail initiatives. Use her expert advice to transform your existing retail efforts or launch a new concept. She uses real-world success stories to debunk common healthcare retail myths and to explain how retail generates new revenue while providing convenience and care for patients.

Topics covered include:
  • The ways retail products extend care and reshape the patient experience
  • The legal and tax implications of retail efforts
  • Customizing the retail experience to meet the unique needs of your patients
  • Monitoring the performance of your retail efforts
  • Thinking strategically about how patients shop
  • The seven factors critical to retail success
  • Using the science of traditional retail to improve healthcare retail performance
  • What Readers Are Saying

    “I am very impressed with Mindy Thompson-Banko’s new book Beyond the Gift Shop. I found this book to be well organized and appreciated the amount of data it had to support the concepts mentioned. I found the product and vendor recommendations to be excellent for those who have and healthcare retail strategy and for those who would like to start one!”

    —Tim Bracey, Senior Director External Operations, West Jefferson Medical Center"Given the state of the economy, every healthcare leader should be seriously considering options for increasing revenue and engaging consumers. This book is a valuable tool in assisting executives to evaluate strategies and complimentary revenue streams. Thompson-Banko is the acknowledged pioneer in the field of retail revenue streams for healthcare organizations. Because of her long-standing expertise she provides sound counsel in assessing this emerging market force within healthcare."

    —Preston Gee, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing, Trinity Health"The centerpiece of the healthcare system is the consumer, and Beyond the Gift Shop addresses the power of strategically integrating healthcare retail to fully address consumerism - its concerns, its needs, and its opportunities."

    —Fred Campobasso, Managing Director, Healthcare Real Estate Practice, Navigant Consulting