Put On-Location Programs to Work... at Work!

Bring an ACHE seminar on site.

ACHE seminars offer a range of healthcare management issues critical to the success of today's healthcare executives. Now you can offer an ACHE seminar locally to your management team, health system, ACHE chapter, hospital or alumni association members, or others.

ACHE's On-Location Program offers:

Customized Education:Customize our popular ACHE seminars to directly meet the needs of your audience.

Maximize Resources:Eliminate travel costs and minimize participants' time away from the office while providing high-quality, ACHE Face-to-Face Education programming.

Expert Leadership:Each On-Location Program is presented by experienced educators and practitioners who provide you with in-depth information and proven problem-solving techniques for addressing the issues that face your executives and organization.

ACHE Support: ACHE will help you plan the event by coordinating timetables, securing faculty, providing program materials, and more.

Contact ACHE’s Division of Professional Development at (312) 424-9362 to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We look forward to working with you soon.