Managing Conflict, Accountability Conversations and Disputes

Know which crucial confrontations to hold and how to hold them

Regain control of the misunderstandings and misbehaviors that can destroy the cohesiveness of a leadership team. Whether the issue is medical errors, employee productivity or patient satisfaction, adopt the approaches that correct broken promises, violated expectations and bad behavior.

  • Master face-to-face accountability conversations and motivate productive behavior without the use of positional power or coercion
  • Distinguish how to hold anyone accountable—no matter their role, rank or temperament
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You'll also learn:

  • Develop skills to maintain good relations while still managing tough situations and remaining focused on the real issues
  • Identify sources of organizational and personal conflict; artfully address and then manage the conflicts and disputes that impede goal achievement and quality patient outcomes
  • Design a well-planned and structured follow-up that includes good reporting practices to limit conflict and accusations

Presented by: Stacy D. Nelson, EdD

Learn to conduct crucial conversations and confrontations as seminar leader Stacy D. Nelson, EdD, senior master trainer and consultant, VitalSmarts, shows how to maintain good relations while managing these tough organizational situations.

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Seminar Offered in Lengths of:
12-Hour (2-Day)

Who Should Attend
Healthcare leaders whose organizations would benefit by being able to more successfully address and properly manage interpersonal conflict.
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