While the sponsor is responsible for the marketing of On-Location Programs, ACHE reserves the right to review and approve promotional material.

The sponsor is encouraged to market public On-Location programs at least 90 days prior to the scheduled event. Again, our experiences have told us that busy healthcare executives need at least that much prior notice in order to place your event on their calendars.

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to leave enough time in the planning process so that ACHE has the opportunity to review and approve the marketing material(s) prior to mailing.

ACHE will provide a link to our website where program descriptions and faculty biography information can be found. In addition, we will provide the sponsor with mailing labels for ACHE members in the geographic area to assist in marketing efforts.

More Information

For more information about ACHE's On-Location programs, please contact ACHE’s Division of Professional Development at (312) 424-9362.