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Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, Third Edition

Carson F. Dye, FACHE

ISBN: 9781567938463
Softbound, 418pp, 2017
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Book Description

Instructor Resources: PowerPoint slides, additional discussion questions, and web links.

Today’s healthcare leaders face constant challenge and change. Even as they cope with a rapidly evolving environment, they also must overcome existing obstacles inherent to running multifaceted operations. A solid value system will anchor leaders as they navigate these daily hurdles.

This highly regarded book examines leadership through the lens of such values. It provides a comprehensive overview of leadership principles specific to the healthcare environment and explores both personal and team values that drive appropriate and effective behavior. Case studies, exercises, and self-assessment tools facilitate teaching, dialogue, and self-reflection. A valuable resource for seasoned practitioners and their leadership teams, the book is also used extensively in academic courses in leadership.

Updates to this edition include:

  • Expanded coverage of academic theories and popular approaches to leadership
  • A new chapter articulating the need to identify and develop new types of leaders in healthcare
  • A new chapter on the extensive work of researchers who have examined the impact of leadership on organizational outcomes
  • Updated and expanded discussion of servant leadership, change makers, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and groupthink
  • Fresh examples and cases featuring clinical leaders, including both nurses and physicians