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Are you a Student Associate who recently graduated? As you start your healthcare management career, let ACHE continue to help you achieve your career goals. Keep your affiliation with ACHE—transfer to full Member status after you graduate.

To become a full Member of ACHE, please complete the full Member application. Continue using your current ACHE ID Number—it will not change when you transfer.

To become a full Member of ACHE

Once we have approved your application, you will receive an ACHE welcome packet that includes your Member certificate and ACHE lapel pin.

What benefits will I receive that I didn't as a Student Associate?

  1. After you become a full Member, you automatically belong to ACHE's Early Careerist Network, with resources that include a bi-monthly e-newsletter.
  2. Begin accruing Member tenure toward the 3 year tenure requirement to become a Fellow (Student Associate years do not count toward the requirement).
  3. Participate in ACHE's Leader-to-Leader referral program and earn rewards.
  4. Have the ability to vote in Regent Elections.

More Information

To obtain more information about the benefits of ACHE membership or to request additional information, please contact ACHE's Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400 or