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ACHE Healthcare Reform Resources

With the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, historic legislation is drastically changing the healthcare landscape. As health reform seeks to provide greater access to care, increased quality and affordability, the imposed implications for healthcare providers and their respective organizations is immense.

Exclusively for ACHE members, ACHE Health Reform Resources are intended to provide the knowledge and insight necessary to lead your organization through the challenges that come with any major reform initiative. This resource guide is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather an ever-evolving tool to address healthcare leaders' concerns, develop your skills and meet the demands of the changing environment.

Visit for more information and a detailed timeline of health reform provisions.

For your convenience, ACHE Health Reform Resources has been divided into the following subtopics. Click on each topic and log in to access specific resources in that area.

Health Reform Topics

Delivering Accountable Care
Coping with Financial Challenges of Lowered Reimbursement
Meeting Clinical Staffing Demands
Building Medical Staff Relationships
Improving Quality and Patient Centered Care
Implementing IT Solutions
Structuring Board Relations and Their Governance Roles
Increasing Access to Care in Your Community
Advancing Patient Safety and Reducing Medical Errors
Developing Essential Leadership Skills