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Dean Conley Award

Named for ACHE's executive director from 1942 to 1965, the Dean Conley Award was established in 1958 and is granted annually by ACHE to recognize contributions to healthcare management literature and to encourage healthcare executives to write and publish articles. Nominations for the award are solicited from editors of healthcare and management-oriented magazines and journals. Award winners are selected by ACHE's Article of the Year Awards Committee.

The 2015 winners have been selected: David A. Kindig, MD, PhD, and George Isham, MD, for their article “'Population Health Improvement: A Community Health Business Model that Engages Partners in all Sectors” published in the Summer 2014 issue of Frontiers of Health Services Management.

Recommended Reading

The Article of the Year Awards Committee recommends two additional articles: “Riding the Dragon: Enhancing Resilient Leadership and Sensible Self-Care in the Healthcare Executive,” by Robert J. Wicks, PsyD, and Tina C. Buck, from the December 2013 issue of Frontiers of Health Services Management; and “Allocating Resources—A Wicked Problem,” by Margaret R. McLean, PhD, from the December 2013 issue of Health Progress.

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