Board of Governors

Proactively leading ACHE and our profession through rapid changes in the healthcare environment while holding steadfast to the ACHE strategic vision and mission.

We are leaders inspired by the opportunity to serve.

Our elected leaders represent what is best in healthcare leadership. They have risen to the challenges of the evolving field of healthcare and continue to drive positive change. And, they inspire our members in the many ways they serve our organization and our profession.

The Board of Governors is an elected body of leaders who have successfully risen through the ranks of healthcare management to executive positions of esteem and respect.  Each board member also holds the gold standard board certification in healthcare management, the FACHE credential, which signals high competency, commitment and recognition as being among the best in our field.  As such, each board member brings his or her own wealth of experience into every decision the Board makes in leading ACHE to serve the needs of our members and profession in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

The Board of Governors is a 16 person governing body that consists of three Chair Officers and 12 Governors, each serving a term of three years. The Governors and Chair-Elect are elected by the Council of Regents. The president and chief executive officer of ACHE, who is appointed by the Board of Governors, serves on the Board in an ex-officio capacity.

Through their collective experience and wisdom, the Board of Governors sets the strategic direction of ACHE via the strategic plan, annual budget and organization-wide performance objectives. The strategic plan is developed with input from Regents, chapter leaders, members and non-member thought leaders and ensures ACHE remains proactive and steadfast to key areas of focus, particularly its vision and mission.