The strategic plan guides our focus, direction, priorities and activities over a three-year timeframe.


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan Map provides a visual overview of the elements of the plan
Strategic Plan Map and Overview (PDF)

Strategic Plan Progress Report

Providing members with a view of where we stand on our plans and accomplishments. Reported annually.

We are proactive. 

And dedicated to strategically positioning the organization, the profession and you to effectively navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment, while also improving performance and care delivery.

2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan Overview

In 2017, ACHE embarked on a triennial “deep dive” to revisit our strategic plan from the ground up, building a new set of strategic priorities that will guide the organization’s work over the next three-year cycle.

Our strategic plan has been created through the lens of anticipated evolution to the healthcare environment, with consideration to our vision, mission and values. Built with input from our membership, chapter leaders, Regents and other thought leaders, the ACHE Board of Governors has developed this strategic plan to guide our areas of focus.

Strategic Plan Development Process

ACHE’s systematic planning process uses a four-step methodology:

  1. Gather data and analyze.
  2. Develop plan attributes and initiatives.
  3. Operationalize the plan by deploying within the organization and with key partners.
  4. Execute, monitor and adjust the plan as necessary. 

Strategic Framework: Setting Organizational Direction

The central focus of ACHE’s strategic direction is to ensure its role as the market leader in developing the leadership capabilities for healthcare executives. This focus will be supported through a series of commitments, workstreams and investments that will build on ACHE’s core strengths and competencies, while stimulating progress to develop new tools, resources and opportunities to deliver exemplar leadership education for professionals across the continuum of care.

To achieve this central goal to educate, engage and inspire leaders to improve health ACHE will drive advancements that enable the personal and professional growth of our members, and the safe, equitable, effective and efficient delivery of care to all. As part of this commitment, ACHE will invest in best-in-class tools and approaches to foster individual learning and development, more purposefully develop and deliver content to professionals across the continuum of care, and improve accessibility of learning options at both the national and local levels.

In pursuing its strategy and desired outcomes, ACHE will serve as a:

Catalyst for the field of healthcare management, to:

  1. Advance Safety: Amplify the importance of safety and provide the tools and strategies healthcare leaders need to drive toward zero-harm.
  2. Build Partnerships: Convene key market players to advance health, safety and equity initiatives, while also broadening ACHE’s influence and impact.
  3. Innovate and Transform: Identify and deliver promising approaches to support healthcare leaders as they strive to uncover solutions and effectively lead change.

Connector across the continuum of the leadership community, to:

  1. Strengthen Chapters: Fully realize the power of ACHE’s chapter network by enacting changes that will simplify requirements, expand member value and increase grassroots participation.
  2. Advance Diversity and Inclusion: Extend ACHE’s reach and increasing diverse representation, to cultivate an inclusive community across the continuum of healthcare leadership.
  3. Increase Access to Resources: Improve accessibility of knowledge and resources so leaders can tap into ACHE’s solutions anytime, anywhere.

Trusted Partner for our members, to:

  1. Foster Engagement: Align ACHE’s value to members’ unique needs to increase resonance, encourage deeper levels of participation and networking to build a stronger member community.
  2. Support Leaders: Enrich and expand current career resource programs, products, platforms and services to better meet the personal and professional needs of a diversified membership.
  3. Personalize the Experience: Deliver dynamic and tailored messaging, content and resources that are aligned with member preferences and serve to further embed ACHE as an essential partner in helping leaders at all stages advance their careers.

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