Mela Miroff, RN, FACHE

Mela MiroffPresident
Miroff Consulting LLC, Indianapolis

One of the biggest challenges healthcare executives face is getting different professionals who have competing priorities and objectives to work together toward a common goal. That goal is to satisfy overall organizational needs to provide a well-coordinated, high-quality, compassionate and effective care model for patients, staff and the larger community. Managing and coordinating different types of expertise and talent is a challenging but worthwhile task. We also must adjust to ever-changing regulatory requirements while developing innovative ways to deliver the highest quality of patient care and satisfaction.

Honest leaders demonstrate integrity and respect for those around them. They are transparent and communicate openly with everyone in the organization. This helps establish their credibility as a leader who is focused on the best interests of the organization and the community it serves.

ACHE provided many educational opportunities for me to develop when I was a new administrator after a career as a clinical nurse. The networking events allowed me to meet the people I now call mentors, colleagues and friends. When those in the healthcare community see my FACHE credential, they frequently comment about it and the organization in a way that suggests my credibility has been enhanced.

Healthcare leaders use a multi-disciplinary approach to develop and support an innovative framework for a delivery system that has the proper tools to provide safe, compassionate and cost-effective care with the best possible outcomes in mind. ACHE highlights best practices for leveraging this multi-disciplinary approach from around the world, leaving healthcare leaders better equipped to face pressures and challenges.

President, Board of Directors, Indiana Healthcare Executive Network
Nominations Committee Chair, Indiana Healthcare Executive Network
Former Executive Board Member/Treasurer, Philippine Nurses Association of Indiana
Member, Philippine Nurses Association of America