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American College of Healthcare Executives
Strategic Plan: 2014–2016

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To be the premier professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving healthcare delivery.


To advance our members and healthcare management excellence.


As members of the American College of Healthcare Executives, we are committed to:

We advocate and demonstrate high ethical conduct in all we do.

Lifelong Learning
We recognize lifelong learning is essential to our ability to innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations and our profession.

We lead through example and mentoring, and recognize caring must be a cornerstone of our professional interactions.

We advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of those with whom we work and the communities we serve.

Goal Areas

  • Membership
  • Knowledge
  • Career Advancement
  • Leadership
  • Service Excellence

Goal Area 1: Membership

To exceed our members’ expectations through enhancements to our credentialing program, chapter development and other programmatic changes that add strategic value.


  1. Support ACHE chapters in the development and effective use of resources to increase value for our members. (Ongoing)
  2. Increase the perceived value of the FACHE credential and promote it to multiple constituencies. (Ongoing)
  3. Increase the participation of chief executive officers and other senior healthcare executives of healthcare delivery organizations in ACHE through recruitment, advancement and participation in chapters. (Ongoing)
  4. Develop a membership growth strategy that recognizes and addresses the changing needs and composition of the profession. (12/31/2014)

Goal Area 2: Knowledge

To provide our members with the tools and information they need to excel in our profession.


  1. Expand and increase the use of resources that help chapters deliver high-quality, relevant education programs for our members. (Ongoing)
  2. Develop resources to help members thrive in an era of reform. (Ongoing)
  3. Enhance the Congress on Healthcare Leadership and ensure adequate capacity for its continued growth and value as the premier educational event for healthcare executives. (Ongoing)
  4. Establish a Professional Development Task Force to identify the competencies needed to transform healthcare and to identify how ACHE will need to support the evolving professional development needs of executives at the national and local levels. (12/31/2016)

Goal Area 3: Career Advancement

To deliver programs, products and services that advance professional excellence and attract future leaders to the profession.


  1. Promote the profession of healthcare management to high school students and undergraduate students and assist graduating Student Associates with the transition to professional employment through chapters and the Higher Education Network (HEN). (Ongoing)
  2. Support early careerist members through career enhancing initiatives and programs at the national and chapter level. (Ongoing)
  3. Provide career enhancing initiatives and programs for mid-level and senior-level careerists, and those transitioning to healthcare management roles. (Ongoing)
  4. Implement the recommendations of the Career Services Task Force. (12/31/2015)

Goal Area 4: Leadership

To support our members in developing and maintaining the attributes of leadership excellence.


  1. Sustain the relevance of and adherence to the ACHE Code of Ethics. (Ongoing)
  2. Determine ACHE's role in collaborations and partnerships in relation to ACHE's mission. As appropriate, expand upon or seek out new, relevant, meaningful collaborations/partnerships with domestic and international organizations. (Ongoing)
  3. Create policy guidance on leadership issues of importance to the field and educate members on the public policy process so they can be effective advocates for the profession. (Ongoing)
  4. Continue to champion diversity, inclusion and cultural competency. (Ongoing)

Goal Area 5: Service Excellence

To provide exemplary service to our members.


  1. Continue to provide ACHE staff with professional development opportunities that help our staff excel in job performance and process innovation. (Ongoing)
  2. Cultivate donors who will contribute to the Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership to support uses of that fund established by the Board. (Ongoing)
  3. Leverage technology to improve members' experience and access to and understanding of ACHE's programs, products and services relevant to their professional needs. (12/31/2016)
  4. Optimize member value by improving operational performance at all levels through systematic process improvement. (Ongoing)